Non-convetional Fall Sunglasses Trends

This fall sunglasses are more fun than ever. General fashion has a serious step down as we observe monotone designs with dark colors, heavy knit fabrics and simple shapes. Accessories stay the only way to brighten up this look. Pair this year’s clothing with bright colored scarves, gold or sparkly jewelry and creative sunglasses.

Here are some ideas

Sunglasses with non-conventional color

Tom Ford TF 185 Sonja 83Z sunglasses

Tom Ford TF 185 Sonja

Dior LADYLADY 2 sunglasses


Dior Tahuata sunglasses

Dior Tahuata

 Buy Tom Ford TF 185 here  Buy Dior Ladylady 2 here  Buy Dior Tahuata here

Sunglasses with non-conventional shape

Dior Hatutaa sunglasses

Dior Hatutaa

Tom Ford TF 131 Liliana sunglasses

Tom Ford TF 131 Liliana

Dior MOHOTANI sunglasses


 Buy Dior Hatutaa here  Buy Tom Ford TF 131 here  Buy Dior Mohotani here

Sunglasses with non-conventional details

Tiffany TF4025B sunglasses

Tiffany TF4025B

Bvlgari BV6052B sunglasses

Bvlgari BV6052B

Bvlgari BV8058B sunglasses

Bvlgari BV8058B

 Buy Tiffany TF4025B here  Buy Bvlgari BV6052B here  Buy Bvlgari BV8058B here

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