Private rooms for celebration at Tiffany and Co.

As we know about the fact that Tiffany and Co. is the best brand for jewellery because of wonderful diamonds and beautiful gold sets. According to Las Vegas Sun, Tiffany and Co. has a private room in which customers can try on jewellery and in that private room people are found to be proposing each other.Image

Tiffany and Co. facilitates its customers by giving them a personal space where they can propose their loved ones by presenting a ring by Tiffany and Co. and a Champagne is presented to celebrate the happiness. According to administration, some people wants private room but other prefers gathering to celebrate the moment. No one can beat Tiffany and CO. especially when its about romance.

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Tiffany and Co. to expand its store

As we know about that Tiffany and Co. is the best fashion brand in America. According to New York Business Journal, it has been reported that Tiffany and Co. is going to expand its store by 60,000 square feet which is located at Fifth Ave. It clearly shows that Tiffany and Co. are going great at business.Image

We mentioned earlier that Tiffany and Co. has defended its number one position in fashion brands this year too and after Apple products, Tiffany and Co. has the highest selling among all types of brands. It is a very good news for all the Tiffany and Co. lovers. Here you can Buy Tiffany Glasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Tiffany and Co. is at number 2nd spot by sale in US

It is a fact that every brand struggle a lot to gain to lead in the worldwide market. According to ABC News, we came to know that a result of research shows that among all the brands, Apple got highest rating and sale because products of Apple are the most sold in United states. After the launch of IPad by Apple, it has become the choice of everyone including students to businessmen.Image

We are so proud to announce that Tiffany and Co. has gained second position. In the time of technology, it is very difficult for a fashion brand to compete with technological but Tiffany and Co. has shocked everyone by their remarkable progress. Tiffany and Co. are best at jewelry, bags, costumes and glasses. Check out and buy Tiffany glasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Tiffany and Co. are going to lauch a new store in San Diego

As we know that the preparations of Christmas is at the peak everywhere and fashion houses are leading in this context as usual. According to LaJolla Patch, it has been confirmed that fashion house Tiffany and Co. is going to launch a new store at Westfield in San Diego. The opening ceremony of this store will be held on Thursday sharp at 10 am.Image

Opening of new store will not be the only activity of Tiffany and Co, but they are also going to host ribbon cutting occasion in new WestField for the holidays. The new store will be having beautiful jewelry for the admirers and fans of Tiffany and Co. Enjoy Tiffany Jewelry in new stores and check Tiffany glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Beautiful Yellow Diamond Necklace by Tiffany and Co.

There is no doubt about that Tiffany and Co. has always been number one in jewelry and it was quoted here that Tiffany and Co. has defended its top position this year too. According to Independent Woman, the necklace with yellow diamond by Tiffany and Co. of worth 2.5 million pounds have become center of attention of every woman. This necklace is now placed in an Irish Departmental Store. Image

One of the fashion directors of a departmental store, Shelly Corkery said that it is a valuable Christmas gift to a woman. Kate Winslet was the reason behind the design of this beautiful necklace and this necklace was exposed first time in public in Europe at 2010 awards. Tiffany and Co. are also the best in their Tiffany glasses, Check out Tiffany sunglasses online here at ISeeGlasses.

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