Tiffany & Co. has extended partnership with Elsa Peretti

It is an admitted fact that Tiffany and Co. will remain unbeatable especially when its about Jewellery. According to Forbes, Tiffany and Co. has extended its partnership with the world renowned designer of Jewellery Elsa Peretti. Tiffany and Co. has thought rightly that the same jewellery designer will keep them number one and the relationship between Elsa and Tiffany and Co. will keep on growing.430787_10151206585923068_1022917950_n

This agreement has been made on 27th of December for the next 20 years. Terms and conditions of the agreement will be followed by both Elsa and Tiffany & Co. The net sale of Tiffany and Co. is very much high from the past couple of years. Many of the rumours were around the town that the agreement will come to an end but the results are different. We wish both of them Best of Luck!!

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Private rooms for celebration at Tiffany and Co.

As we know about the fact that Tiffany and Co. is the best brand for jewellery because of wonderful diamonds and beautiful gold sets. According to Las Vegas Sun, Tiffany and Co. has a private room in which customers can try on jewellery and in that private room people are found to be proposing each other.Image

Tiffany and Co. facilitates its customers by giving them a personal space where they can propose their loved ones by presenting a ring by Tiffany and Co. and a Champagne is presented to celebrate the happiness. According to administration, some people wants private room but other prefers gathering to celebrate the moment. No one can beat Tiffany and CO. especially when its about romance.

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Review of Fashion news of different fashion houses in 2012

The last day of the year 2012 is here, 2012 will be remembered as the year of new trends in Fashion and Style. Many of the Fashion happenings and events will be remembered forever such as Appointment of Raf Simons as Creative Head of Dior, Tom Ford and his partner adopted a baby, Jennifer Lawrence started to represent Dior, Christian Dior represented Paris Fashion Week and Tiffany & Co. remained at number 1 spot for watches and Jewellery.  Top-Runway-Trends-From-2012-W-London-Fashion-Week

The another happening was the wedding ceremony of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and Tom Ford designed for both of them, Robert Pattinson started to represent Dior Homme, Marion Cotillard started to design for Dior bags, Marion Cotillard won to be the best dressed for Dior, Tiffany Legendary Diamond was exhibited in Dubai and many more.

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Tiffany and Co. has opened first store in Eastern Europe

No one can deny the fact that Tiffany and Co. is unbeatable when its about jewellery and Tiffany and Co. has made its reputation as the Iconic brand of America . According to The Prague Post, Tiffany and Co. has finally made its home in Eastern & Central Europe. Mr. Melvin, Vice-President for Europe, has said that the launch of first store will bring positive development for Tiffany and Co. Image

After a couple of years, Tiffany and Co. has finally decided to choose Prague for their first store in Eastern Europe. The store has been designed and created very amazingly. Finally the wait is over and the lovers of Tiffany and Co. will soon be having blue box with white ribbon with them. If you want to Buy Tiffany sunglasses then check out here at ISeeGlasses.

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Celebration of 175th Anniversary of Tiffany and Co. has begun

As we updated all the fashion lovers with the news that Legendary diamond by Tiffany and Co. will be displayed in Dubai because of the occasion of 175th Anniversary of this fashion brand Tiffany. According to Haute Living, the iconic diamond left its home ‘New York’ and it travelled to Dubai and this special diamond is locked up with a beautiful necklace. Image

The celebration of 175th Anniversary of Tiffany and Co. has been begun. Jewels and pearls of different eras has been put up together to recall the memories. This effort is quite successful because everyone is mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of jewellery by Tiffany and Co. No doubt, Tiffany and Co. is best jewellery brand worldwide. Check out and Buy Tiffany sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Countdown for Tiffany and Co. exhibition has begun

Did you know that Tiffany and Co. is going to celebrate its 175th anniversary and for that there is a big event just going to be start and it is just a day away. According to CPI Financial News, Tiffany and Co. is most popular because of being number one Jewellery brand. An exhibition will be held in Dubai from 13th December to 9th January, which will include collection of remarkable diamonds.Image

From collection, a historic 128.5 carat diamond will be mainly the centre of attention, it is known as the greatest icon of fashion house. The diamond is of yellow colour and it is now being put up in a beautiful necklace to increase the elegance. Tiffany and Co. are also best at their Tiffany sunglasses, check here at ISeeGlasses.

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Tiffany’s legendary Diamond will be in Dubai

Did you know that one of the best brands of the world, Tiffany and Co. is going to celebrate its 175th anniversary soon. According to Ahlan Live, it has been confirmed that Tiffany is about to shift its popular diamond from New York to Dubai. It seems that this event will be the center of attention because Dubai will be the second place where this beautiful diamond would be kept.Image

It is among the largest diamonds of the world and 481 shining stones were used to design the necklace. The display of diamond will be starting from 13th of December till 9th January in Tiffany’s Mall in Dubai. It seems that other items of jewelry by Tiffany will also be displayed in store. It should be keep in mind that Tiffany and Co. is at number one position among all the jewelry brands. Buy Tiffany sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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A Brilliant Tiffany Holiday by Tiffany and Co.

As Christmas is just a month away so many of the renowned brands and companies are preparing well for this Christmas. According to Asian Edition of Travel Blackboard, In Hong Kong, the Tiffany’s statue square has been made over as a spectacular Christmas tree and it has been lit up to show the beginning of WinterFest. Image

This ceremony will be known as ‘A Brilliant Tiffany Holiday’ and many of the Tiffany and Co. officials were also present there.  It shows that many of the beautiful festive occasions are yet to come. Tiffany and Co. promises to bring all the fun in Hong Kong this Christmas. Buy Tiffany sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Tiffany defends its number 1 spot for Watches and jewelry

Here is a very good news for all the fans, lovers and users of products about Tiffany & Co. According to, Tiffany and Co. has again been honored with number 1 position by beating 46 brands for presenting the best watches and  jewelry. Do you know that Tiffany has got a unique title for being “Genius” this year.Image

Tiffany has also launched an app in 2010 named as “Engagement Ring Finder” and it is the favorite app of brides for engagement and wedding because it enables the users to find the ring of their size. Tiffany and Co has got a huge following on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Besides watches and jewelry, Tiffany and Co are best at sunglasses too. Check out Tiffany sunglasses at

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Tiffany and Gucci are among the Best Global Brands 2012

Do you know that The Best Global Brands of the year  2012 have been announced by Global branding consulting firm Inter brand. ISeeGlasses is proud because its two brands are among the Best Global Brands for the on-going air. According to, the fashion brands which got Best Global Brands are Gucci at number 38 and Tiffany at number 70. Image

As we know that with lots of competition going on in the fashion industry and getting award of top brands among all the types of brands is a big achievement for the two brands Gucci and Tiffany. As far as Tiffany products are concerned, Tiffany sunglasses are among the most selling glasses of all the times.

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