Gucci collaborated with Hirohiko Araki for designs

Did you know that Gucci is becoming more and more popular among celebrities. According to Glam Fashion, Frida Giannini-The Creative Director of Gucci has collaborated with Hirohiko Araki who is Japanese cartoonist and they are together for the making of different designs and those designs will be displayed at Gucci stores worldwide.guccihirohiko

Now when you will visit Gucci stores, you all will be looking and enjoying the most popular Japanese cartoons ‘animes’. Other than those cartoons, different types of floral designs will also be displayed at walls of Gucci stores. According to experts, these designs will take people to the land of fantasy and all the fabulous designs can also be seen on Gucci Fan page on Facebook. You can view and Buy Gucci Sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Gucci is ready with its new collection for 2013

As we know that every fashion brand is quite busy for preparing new collections for the arrival of new year. According to Stupid Dope, Luxury fashion brand Gucci is going to release their amazing collections for 2013 and the first display will be in shops and markets in the starting of new year. It seems there is good news for all the Gucci lovers with the arrival of new year.Image

The new collection of 2012 will feature those garments which are suitable for both cooler and warmer seasons. The new range also offers sunglasses, footwear and other luxurious items for both genders. The upcoming range will feature wide range of colours, styles and designs. Gucci is ready to present sweaters, jackets and uppers. View the collection of Gucci glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Prada and Gucci bags are the world’s best bags

Everyone is concious about what to wear, when to wear and how to wear!!! According to Forbes, whatever we wear and whatever we carry it puts great influences on personality and overall looks and the same goes with bags and purses. The colours, style and design of the purses and bags show who we are and depicts our taste and choice. Image

All the fashion brands remain in continuous struggle and effort to produce the best bags, purses and clutches. Bags, purses and clutches are the basic need for casual and formal events. Among all the brands, Prada and Gucci bags are the world’s best bags. Check out and Buy Gucci sunglasses here at ISeeGlasses.

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Gucci has gifted Gucci bag to Princess Kate

Did you know that Princess of Royal Family ‘Kate’ is expecting a baby? Apart from Royal news it has become fashion news. According to The Sun Daily, Gucci made a special bag for Princess Kate so that she can celebrate these days and Gucci has tried its level best to make these days best for Kate.Image

Guccio Gucci has recently said about the bag that it is a hand made bag which is designed and created in such a way which completely complements Kate’s charm and taste. He further added that this bag will prove to be royal and stylish which can be carried easily by Princess Kate. In recent days, Kate was also spotted to be carrying Gucci clutch too.

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Jessica, Amy and Blake admires Gucci gowns

It is an admitted fact that famous celebs play very important role to promote a particular brand especially if it is about fashion and style. According to a report fashion brands like Gucci, Tom Ford and Dior are greatly admired by celebs. According to The Trend Fashion, Gucci is the one of the most reliable brands for stars to make appearance on the red carpet. Image

Celebrities like Amy Adams, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively and many others have been seen to be wearing Gucci gowns in the recent events. From mini dresses to full sizes gowns, Gucci has always created magic on red carpets. Gucci’s gown differ in design and texture that is why it has become the first choice of glamorous divas. View and Buy Gucci sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Gucci opened and celebrated new store in Taiwan

Did you know that after opening new stores in Brazil and India, Gucci has opened the next store in Taiwan, China. According to WWD fashion, The opening ceremony was held in Taiwan in which new president of Gucci of China was president and several other executives were also present.Image

The opening ceremony was followed by exhibition which featured jewels and other items including Gucci gowns. Silk scarves and Boston bags were also the part of display. Ribbon cutting ceremony was the center of attention and it was also a charitable event. You do not need to visit a store when ISeeGlasses is here with Gucci prescription glasses.

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Jessica Biel wore stunning Gucci dress at Hitchcock Premiere

As it is a fact that many of the actresses and models wear Gucci dresses but Jessica Biel has worn exceptional Gucci dress. According to The New Zealand Herald, In California, at Hitchcock Premiere the newly married and the beautiful Jessica Biel wore a daring dress and she walked the red carpet with confidence. Image

The color of the gown was black and length of the gown was so long that it was touching the floor. This Gucci dress is quite different from other Gucci dresses. The dress was back less and make-up of Jessica was simple and she looked simply stunning. Like Jessica Biel go for Gucci and Buy Gucci sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Gucci to open its 5th store in India

Did you know that Fashion brand Gucci is known to be the best in the context that Gucci is the most active brand which launches it new stores worldwide. According to The Indian Express, In India, Gucci is going to open its 5th store in Gurgaon in the end of November. Gucci will celebrate the opening of new store to the fullest.Image

For celebration, collection of Flora World which includes accessories and other items will be there for display. The specialty of the exhibition will be floral scarves which has a unique history. For all the male admirers of Gucci, there will be accessories for male too. What a good idea to Buy Gucci sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Gucci Premier is among the top five fragrances of 2012

It is no doubt about that fashion houses always have aims to introduce the best fragrances for men and women. After fashion houses, celebrities also introduced their perfumes like Lady Gaga, James Bond, Justin Bieber and a few more. According to Mail Online, Gucci Premier is among the top five women’s fragrance this year. In other brands, Dior Homme and Hugo Boss women fragrance are among top ten fragrances of 2012. Image

Last year, the teen’s first choice Justin Bieber introduced his perfume “Girlfriend”. It became popular among girls to a great extent worldwide. This year Lady Gaga’s fragrance Lady Gaga fame got second place and James Bond’s 007 is at top position among fragrances. As the season of Christmas is nearer so the sale of perfume is increasing tremendously.

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Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore wore same Gucci Dress

As it usually happens that Celebrities wear same dresses on occasions and TV shows like film premier, awards’ functions, advertisements and other events. According to Huffing Post, Two beautiful divas Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore went through the same situation by wearing same Gucci dress. Without any doubt, this red colored Gucci dress is very elegant and beautiful.Image

Jennifer wore Gucci dress on Red Carpet and Drew Barrymore wore it for the advertisements of Gucci. Whenever Celebrities wear same dresses, the question arises that who was looking more beautiful. Both of the ladies are looking amazingly fantastic. Jennifer’s and Drew’s first choice is Gucci. Check collection of Gucci glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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