Charilize appeared in two Ads for Dior

As we know that Charlize Theron is a very beautiful actress and model in South Africa, the good news for all the fans of Charlize is here. According to Glamour Beauty, the beauty of  South Africa Charlize has been appeared in two Dior commercial Ads. These commercials were made for J’adore fragrance. Image

The two Ads are quite different in nature but are very interesting. One Ad focuses on the interest of Charlize as she was looking pictures of most glamorous Grace and Marilyn. The second Ad can be best described as documentary of nature. No doubt, both Ads are more than fantastic. Check Dior glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Tiffany and Co. to expand its store

As we know about that Tiffany and Co. is the best fashion brand in America. According to New York Business Journal, it has been reported that Tiffany and Co. is going to expand its store by 60,000 square feet which is located at Fifth Ave. It clearly shows that Tiffany and Co. are going great at business.Image

We mentioned earlier that Tiffany and Co. has defended its number one position in fashion brands this year too and after Apple products, Tiffany and Co. has the highest selling among all types of brands. It is a very good news for all the Tiffany and Co. lovers. Here you can Buy Tiffany Glasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Tom Ford is Beauty Brand of the week

As like other brands, Tom Ford always launch new cosmetic products for ladies to look beautiful and elegant. According to Look Magazine, it has been reported that Tom Ford has won the award of being the best brand of beauty this week. Although the cosmetics are quite expensive but all the colors and shades of products have worth and long lasting effects.Image

Nowadays, matching make-up is in trends so Tom Ford has put all the colors of lips, cheeks and nails in the matching formula. Tom Ford has brought all the shades of pink together for cosmetics. Check out Tom Ford glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Tiffany defends its number 1 spot for Watches and jewelry

Here is a very good news for all the fans, lovers and users of products about Tiffany & Co. According to, Tiffany and Co. has again been honored with number 1 position by beating 46 brands for presenting the best watches and  jewelry. Do you know that Tiffany has got a unique title for being “Genius” this year.Image

Tiffany has also launched an app in 2010 named as “Engagement Ring Finder” and it is the favorite app of brides for engagement and wedding because it enables the users to find the ring of their size. Tiffany and Co has got a huge following on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Besides watches and jewelry, Tiffany and Co are best at sunglasses too. Check out Tiffany sunglasses at

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Ryan Murphy wants Tom Ford in Glee

Who does not know that Ryan Murphy is one of the famous screenwriter, producer and director of America. According to, Ryan Murphy has recently said that he wants Tom Ford to make cameo on the most famous comedy drama of United States, “Glee”. It seems that Ryan Murphy is quite impressed by Tom Ford because he wants Tom Ford to appear in his own show Glee.Image

Hopefully we will soon be seeing Tom Ford in Glee, either he will be appearing or he will be styling the star cast of Glee. Tom Ford is surely going a great way as Ryan Murphy wants to work with him. This is the best time for all the fans of Tom Ford to check Tom Ford glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Tom Ford is dad now!!!

As we know that when celebrities have babies it becomes a news but for Tom Ford, this news is surely turned into gossip because of Tom Ford and Richard Buckley’s Relationship. According to, the top stylist in the fashion industry Tom Ford and Richard Buckley have announced that they have welcomed a son to their family Alexander John.

Fashion and celebrity world does not know whether this is just a speculation or confirmed fact. There is no information whether the child is adopted or has been produced via surrogate and in that case who supplied biological genom. Both Tom Ford and Richard Buckley are beautiful men and in either case baby would turn out beautiful. I guess we will have to wait and see…


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Who is Raf Simons?

Raf Simons

Last week Dior represented their Haute Couture collection at Paris Fashion Week. It was first collection of a newly appointed lead designer Raf Simons for the House of Dior. Collection got a lot of media attention, but sadly many negative reviews. We think collection was Ok. Raf is new to the house, new to the teams above and under him. But for Raf, this amount of media attention must be also new. Who is Raf Simons any ways?

  • Origin: Belgium
  • Age: 44
  • Education: Industrial Design and Furniture Design
  • Entrepreneurship Endeavors: His own label Raf Simons launched in 19991. The label had ups and downs and was even folded at some point. Shortly after label was relaunched in 2001. In 2005 a new line Raf by Raf Simons was added to the brand.
  • Academic Experience: Raf Simons worked as a professor of the fashion department of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria between 2000 and 2005.
  • Collaborations: Since 2005 until 2012 was a Creative Director for Jil Sander, owned by Prada Group. Another collaboration is still ongoing with Fred Perry.
  • Critical Acclaim: First book about Raf “Raf Simons Redux” by Peter De Potter and Simons came out in 2001. Winner of Swiss Textile Award in 2003.

Raf Simons is known for a very strong men design and is often named as a guru of business wear. Dior likes to hire designers with strong business and design background, but also with clean reputation. There isn’t much known about this man yet, however the expectation is immense. For over 10 years Raf was called a revolutionary of men’s fashion often experimenting with shapes, fabrics and topics. His emphasis on men, however, was very notable in the Dior Haute Couture 2012 in Paris launch. I think, Raf needs to realize that Dior is extremely feminine brand that won’t tolerate anything manly even in business suits. Perhaps Raf was trying to reveal his identity as a man designer through Dior. But this brought a lot of fear that the style for Dior under Raf Simons is now set. We hope this will change and wish Raf all the best at Dior.