Gucci has demonstrated making of jewelry

Who does not know about the perfect collection of Gucci beautiful products and remarkable jewelry. Gucci remains  favorite among both men and women. According to, a very interesting event was organized by Gucci in New York last week. The process of making of Artisan jewelry was demonstrated by some of the experts at Gucci. Image

Tools, materials and gems were used to make jewelry and this event was witnessed by lots of people and they had an opportunity to ask questions from experts. According to resources, this event will be carried on in other cities too. This is a valuable opportunity for all the jewelry lovers to learn all the techniques of jewelry making from professional.

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Dior dominated Paris Fashion Week

There is no doubt that Christian Dior has dominated Paris Fashion Week because of introduction of the latest make-up trends to the world of Fashion. According to, the garments which were introduced by Dior and other brands will surely change the fashion in the upcoming spring. We will see that Paris Fashion Week has really changed style trends.Image

Color and prints were mostly used on clothes. Black and white colors were used and according to fashion experts, these colors will be seen in the upcoming seasons. If these trends have not revolutionized Fashion they at least will change a view on it of the many.

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Gucci’s spring and summer 2013 bag’s collection

This is the time when many of the fashion brands are continuously launching their spring and summer collection for the upcoming year. According to, Gucci has introduced its bag’s collection for spring and summer of 2013. Gucci has introduced quite unique bags in the first show. One of the new bags have long and thin straps and gems stoned.Image

Some of the bags have shape of envelop and some of the bags have very short straps. These bags will soon be available at markets and girls and women would love to follow this new fashion. Now this is the time to match Gucci’s bag with Gucci glasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Jennifer Lawrence to start Dior Fashion Campaign

As it was mentioned earlier that Jennifer Lawrence will represent the brand Christian Dior. According to, Jennifer Lawrence is starting Dior Fashion Campaign. Jennifer Lawrence is surely a very amazing addition to this renowned fashion brand, Dior.Image

In the next spring, all the Dior’s fans will be seeing print ads of Jennifer Lawrence demonstrating Dior products. This twenty two years old beautiful actress has been already seen to be wearing Dior products. Jennifer Lawrence has also named as “New face of Miss Dior”. We wish Both of them Best of Luck ahead.

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Dior with its exciting make-up trends

As we know that fashion and style brands come up with new and exciting trends in clothing, hair styling, make-up and others. Do you know that now Dior has come up with new make-up trends in on-going fashion weeks which are admired by ladies of all around the world? According to, in the recent fashion events Dior has really attracted a large population towards unique eye make-up. Image

According to make-up manager of Dior, while using make-up products one need to focus that either the eye make-up should be loud or the lipstick. Black eye-liner should be used and edges should be cleaned with cotton bud and mascara put a great look on the face. The interesting thing which was observed is that they used colored crystals while doing eyes.

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Dior to set make-up trends for 2013

Many of the fashion and style brands have set themselves to present new make up trends for the year 2013. According to, new make up trends by Dior and other popular brands will make lots of differences for the upcoming year.Image

Do you know that Dior make up products and trends showed up in the fashion show which was held in Paris. Focus was put on eye make up because instead of black eye-liner, colored eye liners were used. Long lashes and jeweled lids were thee center of attention of the audience.

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Non-convetional Fall Sunglasses Trends

This fall sunglasses are more fun than ever. General fashion has a serious step down as we observe monotone designs with dark colors, heavy knit fabrics and simple shapes. Accessories stay the only way to brighten up this look. Pair this year’s clothing with bright colored scarves, gold or sparkly jewelry and creative sunglasses.

Here are some ideas

Sunglasses with non-conventional color

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Dior Tahuata sunglasses

Dior Tahuata

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Sunglasses with non-conventional shape

Dior Hatutaa sunglasses

Dior Hatutaa

Tom Ford TF 131 Liliana sunglasses

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Dior MOHOTANI sunglasses


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Sunglasses with non-conventional details

Tiffany TF4025B sunglasses

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Bvlgari BV6052B sunglasses

Bvlgari BV6052B

Bvlgari BV8058B sunglasses

Bvlgari BV8058B

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