Gucci is ready with its new collection for 2013

As we know that every fashion brand is quite busy for preparing new collections for the arrival of new year. According to Stupid Dope, Luxury fashion brand Gucci is going to release their amazing collections for 2013 and the first display will be in shops and markets in the starting of new year. It seems there is good news for all the Gucci lovers with the arrival of new year.Image

The new collection of 2012 will feature those garments which are suitable for both cooler and warmer seasons. The new range also offers sunglasses, footwear and other luxurious items for both genders. The upcoming range will feature wide range of colours, styles and designs. Gucci is ready to present sweaters, jackets and uppers. View the collection of Gucci glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Gucci has gifted Gucci bag to Princess Kate

Did you know that Princess of Royal Family ‘Kate’ is expecting a baby? Apart from Royal news it has become fashion news. According to The Sun Daily, Gucci made a special bag for Princess Kate so that she can celebrate these days and Gucci has tried its level best to make these days best for Kate.Image

Guccio Gucci has recently said about the bag that it is a hand made bag which is designed and created in such a way which completely complements Kate’s charm and taste. He further added that this bag will prove to be royal and stylish which can be carried easily by Princess Kate. In recent days, Kate was also spotted to be carrying Gucci clutch too.

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Gucci’s photo shoot campaign ‘Explore the digital flagship’

It is an admitted fact that whenever there is a photo shoot, there can be lots of blunders and mistakes in photos such as wrong editing and else. According to Jamaica Observer, there has been a big blunder in latest Gucci’s photo shoot in which one can easily identify that one leg of the model is half the size of other leg. Image

This photo shoot is the part of Gucci campaign which is known as ‘Explore the digital flagship’. This blunder is purely because of editing problem. No need to worry about it because these types of error usually happens. Anyway, Gucci sunglasses and Gucci glasses are purely out of errors. View Gucci glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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14 pair of Gucci sunglasses were stolen

It is true that Items and product by Gucci are among those items and products which are reported to be theft or stolen the most. According to Levit Town Patch, it has been reported by Police that that at 10 am, two men came to eye wear store which is located at 85 Makefield Road and they stole fourteen pairs of sunglasses by Gucci on Tuesday.Image

The Police narrated that the owner was busy as he was attending other customers and at that moment, pairs of sunglasses were stolen. According to owner, the worth of sunglasses is 1,635 $. The Police further added that many incidents similar to these, keep happening in the town.

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Gucci opened and celebrated new store in Taiwan

Did you know that after opening new stores in Brazil and India, Gucci has opened the next store in Taiwan, China. According to WWD fashion, The opening ceremony was held in Taiwan in which new president of Gucci of China was president and several other executives were also present.Image

The opening ceremony was followed by exhibition which featured jewels and other items including Gucci gowns. Silk scarves and Boston bags were also the part of display. Ribbon cutting ceremony was the center of attention and it was also a charitable event. You do not need to visit a store when ISeeGlasses is here with Gucci prescription glasses.

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James Franco attended Opening Ceremony of Gucci Store

As we know that James Franco is a famous American artist, actor and comedian, this is not the only identity of James Franco but He is a fashion symbol for all. James admires fashion and he always attend various events of his favorite fashion brands. According to Celebrity Gossip, Gucci has launched a new store in Brazil. James Franco were there to attend opening ceremony of new Gucci store.Image

For this occasion, James was wearing white shirt with black suit and tie. It simply shows that James Franco likes Gucci and most of the times, James has been spotted to be wearing Gucci garments and accessories. Like James Franco, choose and Buy Gucci glasses.

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Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore wore same Gucci Dress

As it usually happens that Celebrities wear same dresses on occasions and TV shows like film premier, awards’ functions, advertisements and other events. According to Huffing Post, Two beautiful divas Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore went through the same situation by wearing same Gucci dress. Without any doubt, this red colored Gucci dress is very elegant and beautiful.Image

Jennifer wore Gucci dress on Red Carpet and Drew Barrymore wore it for the advertisements of Gucci. Whenever Celebrities wear same dresses, the question arises that who was looking more beautiful. Both of the ladies are looking amazingly fantastic. Jennifer’s and Drew’s first choice is Gucci. Check collection of Gucci glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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