Marc Jacobs rejected job at Christian Dior by following his psychiatrist

Did you know that Marc Jacobs has turned down job offered by Christian Dior and can you guess what is the reason of not accepting this Job’s proposal by such a popular brand? According to ABC 10 News, Marc Jacobs did not accept this job because his psychiatrist has advised him not to do job at Christian Dior.marc-jacobs-portrait_jpg_1333705206

Marc Jacobs was offered the rank of Creative Director and he just rejected that rank because he followed the advice of his psychiatrist. In an interview, Jacobs has said that his psychiatrist asked him a question which leads to this decision. Lets see whether Marc’s decision will be prove right or wrong. Check here your favorite Dior sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Tom Ford celebrated the success of his menswear collection

Did you know that Tom Ford celebrated the success of his menswear collection by having party in London. According to WWD runway, Many of the renowned Celebrities attended the party like Harry Styles, Jemima Khan, Sam, Tommy and the list goes on. This is not the end as here is more news about Tom Ford.tom-ford

According to Just Jared, Handsome Actor Bradley Cooper wore Tom Ford suit at Critic’s Choice Awards 2013 and he received an award for the best acting in comic role for the film ‘Silver Linings PlayBook’. Bradley Cooper looked awesome in grey colored suit and he carried himself rightly with black shoes and black tie. You can view and Buy Tom Ford sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Jennifer Aniston wore Black leather dress by Dior

No one can deny the fact that Jennifer Aniston is among the most beautiful ladies of this world. According to Socialite Life, Jennifer Aniston wore elegant black coloured leather dress by Dior at People’s choice awards. Jennifer won the award for favourite Movie Actress by beating Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Emily Blunt & Reese Witherspoon.Jennifer-Aniston-Dior-Dress-Tom-Ford-Heels-Peoples-Choice-Awards-2013-Nokia-Theater-01092013-09-435x580

At the event, Jennifer Aniston carried her rightly with straight highlighted hair and she wore Tom Ford’s strappies. Everyone noticed a ring in her ring finger and according to rumours she has been engaged. Anyways, Jennifer stunned everyone by her extra ordinary looks and style. Dior has created remarkable records of admiration by Divas. View and Buy Dior sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Dior has released first campaign featuring Eva Herzigova

Christian Dior is one of the brands which keep its connection very close with celebrities. According to Independent women, Christian Dior has chosen Eva Herzigova to represent their super luxury products of anti-ageing & skincare and she is the new face of ‘Capture Totale’. Eva is 39 years old and nowadays this diva is expecting her third child.Image

Eva has been announced to be the ambassador of Capture Totale earlier. Yesterday Dior has launched its latest beauty products and Eva is looking amazingly beautiful and very promising in the first campaign. Eva has proved that she is the best choice as she is feminine and very gorgeous. We wish best of luck to both Eva and Dior that their journey will remain wonderful. View and Buy Dior sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Tom Ford talks about his fashion show

It seems that Tom Ford phobia is going very high around the globe because it is exciting to see Tom Ford at London Fashion Week. According to Fashion Telegraph, Tom Ford is not going to only present his menswear collection at London Fashion Week but he has also chosen London to be the first stage where he will present his womenswear collection.66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

He further added that he aims to make this show as a ‘real show’ as there will be hundreds of people and lots of photographers and bloggers. Tom Ford has allowed photographers at LFW even he used to keep all his shows under full privacy. Tom Ford explained that he simply loves London and he also wants to bring up his children here.

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Tom Ford to show his menswear collection at LFW

The adorable and handsome Tom Ford is in news nowadays because of his upcoming fashion show at Fashion Week in London. According to THE TIMES, London Fashion Week is going to start from this Monday and Tom Ford will represent “Menswear” collection at three day event. Everyone is looking forward to this event because this fashion week in London is equal to International Battle of all the Fashion Houses. Image

In an interview to The Times, Tom Ford has said that his Movie ‘A single Man’ which have won Oscar Award too was basically based on his family. He furthermore talks about his family and the memories which he had shared with his family. He added more emotions by talking about his son, who is adopted by him and Richard Buckley. We wish ‘Good Luck’ to Tom Ford for his show!!!

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Gucci collaborated with Hirohiko Araki for designs

Did you know that Gucci is becoming more and more popular among celebrities. According to Glam Fashion, Frida Giannini-The Creative Director of Gucci has collaborated with Hirohiko Araki who is Japanese cartoonist and they are together for the making of different designs and those designs will be displayed at Gucci stores worldwide.guccihirohiko

Now when you will visit Gucci stores, you all will be looking and enjoying the most popular Japanese cartoons ‘animes’. Other than those cartoons, different types of floral designs will also be displayed at walls of Gucci stores. According to experts, these designs will take people to the land of fantasy and all the fabulous designs can also be seen on Gucci Fan page on Facebook. You can view and Buy Gucci Sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Who looked more better in Tom Ford’s shoes? Miley or Brandy

Did you realize at about the craze of famous divas about Tom Ford’s new shoes? If not then you are at the right place. According to Fashion Police, Miley Cyrus, who is popularly known as Hanna Montana, was seen to be wearing giraffe textured shoes designed by Tom Ford and she was not appreciated as much as she was appreciated due to her fashion and style sense.Image

Other than Miley Cyrus, Brandy also wore those giraffe textured shoes while performing in New York on New Year’s Eve. Both of the celebrities carried their shoes very well but they faced lots of criticism due to mismatching of their shoes with their overall outfit. With all this, the next question arises that Who looked more better in Tom Ford’s shoes? According to some of the polls, Brandy looked Better.

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Raf Simons’ First AD Campaign released

Did you know that Raf Simons-The Creative Head of Christian Dior, has launched his First AD Campaign for Christian Dior. According to Independent Woman, For the collection of Spring/Summer 2013, Raf Simons has released his AD campaign which has created sensation around the globe. Image

Apart from Raf’s creations, backgrounds for Photo shoot are also kept under great focus. As far as we have taken this idea that Raf’s new collection follows the floral theme on skirts with black shirts. Admirable scarves & handbags are the most focused accessories in latest AD campaign. Most surprisingly, the length of the skirts is till feet. Check out and Buy Dior sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Dior’s Fashion Film Lady Dior is awesome

As we know that Fashion Houses involve in different activities to promote their items and products and same goes with the “Fashion Films”. According to Style Caster news, the year 2012 is going to be end soon and it was the another year of Fashion and Style. Many of the fashion films were released by renowned Fashion Houses and these films were admired greatly.Image

Out of all the films of this year, seven have been chosen as the Best Fashion Films. Christian Dior’s fashion film ‘Lady Dior’ is also included in seven best films of 2012. One of the lady of Dior, Marion Cotillard has worked in ‘Lady Dior’. Other than Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Top Shop, Mulberry and and Louis Vuitton  are the other brands whose fashion films were one of the best.

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