FYSH UK Glasses Like Waves

FYSH Glasses are designed in a very creative way. They combine colors, beautiful designs of arms and solid quality that will withstand years of heavy wear. As any good designer eyeglasses FYSH has its brand elements. FYSH loves waves. What a true glasses nut will appreciate is that waves are hard to make. This wouldn’t be your traditional injection mold, to make wavy shapes a very custom and expensive molding is necessary. Also assembly is not as easy as simple as for plastic or metal frames for example. With wavy designs, arms have to match perfectly on the connection point with the frame front and still allow glasses to fold and unfold smoothly. Now when you know all this theory, appreciate the designs:

FYSH glasses 3385

FYSH 3385 color 254

FYSH 3393 glasses

FYSH 3393 color 634

FYSH 3385 FYSH 3393

FYSH 3392 glasses

FYSH 3392 color 658

FYSH 3402 glasses

FYSH 3402 color 298

FYSH 3392 FYSH 3402

FYSH 3400 glasses

FYSH 3400 color 125

FYSH 3462 glasses

FYSH 3462 color 515

FYSH 3400 FYSH 3462

FYSH 3413 glasses

FYSH 3413 color 358

FYSH 3420 glasses

FYSH 3420 color 319

FYSH 3413 FYSH 3420

FYSH 3465 glasses

FYSH 3465 color 286

FYSH 3377 glasses

FYSH 3377 color 120

FYSH 3465 FYSH 3377