Kris Van Assche talks about Dior Homme

Did you know that last night Creative director of Dior Homme Kris Van Assche just launched the first menswear label Miami store. According to Blouin Art Info, the celebration of new store was started from Design District Boutique and it covered Moore Building. This is not the end but Premiere of Bruce Weber Film which is commissioned by Dior Homme was also enjoyed.Image

Several questions were asked from Kris Van and he answered the question about Dior Homme as it is the biggest brand for men. He admitted that this fashion brand has changed him a lot. He further added that in every season and each year, the designer has to think a lot to put the best style in front of everyone.

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Preparations for Inauguration 2013 of Dior is at peak

Do you know that Christian Dior is so active at arranging different functions and events almost on weekly basis. According to The George Town Dish, Inauguration of 2013 is about to begin soon it means that there will be a warm welcome to President and it is the best time to revise all the fashion shows and fashion weeks by Dior.Image

All the stylist, designers and those celebrities which represent Dior or Dior Homme must be preparing well for the upcoming Inauguration. Other than dresses, different items like sunglasses, perfumes and other accessories will also be displayed.  It seems that it will be one of the greatest fashion event of 2013. ISeeGlasses has perfect collection of Dior Homme Sunglasses.

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Has Robert really signed deal with Dior Homme?

As we came to know by some sources that Robert Pattinson has been chosen by Dior to represent their Dior Homme fragrance. According to some resources, It has not been confirmed that whether Robert has really signed the deal with Dior Homme or not. According to The New York Times, it has been revealed that Brad Pitt has posed for Dior Homme fragrance.

The stars of Hollywood, especially male stars are the first preference of all the fashion brands. The new rumors and gossips are that Robert has signed a 12 million $ deal with Dior Homme. It will be confirmed soon but till then its a rumor. Whether the new face of Dior is Brad Pitt or Robert, it means that Hollywood stars have dominated all the fashion brands like Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart.

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Robert Pattinson to represent Dior Homme

Who denies the fame and glory of renowned actor ans superstar Robert Pattinson. As the release date of fantastic movie Twilight Last part Breaking Dawn 2 is approaching, majority of the people around the globe are paying attention to the lead star cast of Twilight. According to, Robert Pattinson has signed three year contract with Dior Homme to represent their fragrances.Image

After the break up with Kristen Stewart, Robert has groomed him more than before in the sense of fashion. Now Robert has become family member of Dior Homme. It has been reported that Robert Pattinson likes Dior Homme and He has become the Face of Dior Homme. Just like Robert chose Dior Homme, you should also Buy Dior Homme sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Dior Homme Ads directed by Guy Ritchie

Who does not admit that Guy Ritchie is one of the best director, screenwriter and producer. According to, it has been revealed that Guy has directed several advertisements including brands like Nike, BMW and Dior Homme of Christian Dior. The Director shows confidence in Jude Law who was also the part of his film Sherlock Holmes.Image

In an interview to a magazine, Guy Ritchie has said that doing commercials is like playing with toys and it is a good chance to try new stuff. According to him, it is funny that commercials demands more efficiency than movies. He says that commercials are more advanced than movies technically and he tries to do only one commercial in a year.

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