Emma Roberts love to wear Dior sunglasses

Do you really know that Emma Roberts is experiencing initial glory in her professional life. She is not only a rising actress but she also remains in the limelight because of her fashion. According to komonews.com, In an interview to a magazine, Emma was asked about her favorite accessories and brands. Her answer and choice was none other than “Dior” and She loves Dior sunglasses a lot.Image

Among Dior sunglasses, she prefers black colored cat eye designs. Emma told that she gets broken whenever her favorite sunglasses are lost and she buys the same sunglasses if she lost her Dior sunglasses. Like Emma, ISeeGlasses loves Dior prescription glasses.

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Dior Homme Ads directed by Guy Ritchie

Who does not admit that Guy Ritchie is one of the best director, screenwriter and producer. According to Hollywood.com, it has been revealed that Guy has directed several advertisements including brands like Nike, BMW and Dior Homme of Christian Dior. The Director shows confidence in Jude Law who was also the part of his film Sherlock Holmes.Image

In an interview to a magazine, Guy Ritchie has said that doing commercials is like playing with toys and it is a good chance to try new stuff. According to him, it is funny that commercials demands more efficiency than movies. He says that commercials are more advanced than movies technically and he tries to do only one commercial in a year.

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Tom Ford tells the difference between “actor” and “star”

As we know that the most prominent celebrities of Hollywood attended Hollywood film awards on Monday Night with utmost excitement and enthusiasm. According to Los Angeles Times, it was reported that Tom Ford presented award of “Actor of the year” to Bradley Cooper because of his superb performance in “Silver lining’s PlayBook”. Image

Tom Ford, Renowned fashion stylist and director not only attended this mega event but he was also a presenter at the event and he said that the actor is different from the star. Other splendid personalities and celebrities were also the part of the Award function. Let us see superb collection of Tom Ford glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Christian Dior angry over Mila Kunis weight issue

As we know that fashion house Christian Dior always works hard to create the best image of their products by bringing top models and actress to represent their products. According to zeenews.india.com, it has been revealed that actress Mila Kunis has upset Christian Dior because she has gained some weight. Everyone at the fashion house is greatly disturbed because of Mila Kunis weight gain.Image

In addition,it has been said by the sources that even her boyfriend Ashton wants her to loose weight and he has been continuously hinting her but Mila is not paying any attention. According to some sources, they both had a fight too about this issue. All the fashion admirers are tensed about this attitude of Mila Kunis.

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Rihanna is spellbinding, says Tom Ford

One of the inspiring diva in the music industry is popular artist Rihanna. She is famous for her unique get ups in the song videos and other occasions. According to tv3.ie, it was revealed that Tom Ford has said that Rihanna is spellbinding. We have noticed that Rihanna wear Tom Ford’s costumes on various events and occasions.Image

Tom admired Rihanna by saying that she always makes his knees go weak. There is no doubt about that Rihanna takes risks for her looks. It should be remembered that in the year 2012 Rihanna represented spring,summer collections of Tom Ford. So it can be concluded that Rihanna and Tom Ford will remain close till years.

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Marion Cotillard represented Dior Collection

As we are noticing that the famous brand Christian Dior is making continuous advancement in the fashion and style sector here are the new updates that Marion Cotillard has represented new collection of Dior on red carpet. According to myfashionlife.com, Marion has been continuously representing Dior’s new collection because she looks simply beautiful and stylish. Image

As Dior garments were mostly black and white in Paris Fashion Week so the same applies here because Marion has been dressed in black dress with black and white shoes. Marion has surely given a very splendid introduction to Dior’s new collection. We will find out that who will be the next in line.

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