Gucci Watches. Pair Them With Sunglasses

This year Gucci is celebrating 40 years in watch making industry. Company is proud of making its own watches, not just labeling them with the logo. Gucci owns its own watch factory in iconic La Chaux-de-Fonds, a so called Watch Valley in Switzerland. Company states that watches are the only goods produced outside Italy.

Gucci is among the pioneer brands in fashion industry to offer watches. Until then watches were part of jewelery category, big on mechanisms and precious metals they are made of. Gucci changed this image by offering watches a special fashion twist, making them a trend items.

Gucci factory produces over 180,000 watches a year. Today Frida Giannini, Gucci creative director is very involved in designs of watches and is responsible for look of every model. Among Gucci watch collections most famous are G-Timeless and I-Gucci.  Gucci watches are popular among ladies and also very popular among men. Ok, enough talking, have a look at  current models. See how great they are paired with Gucci Sunglasses.

Men Gucci Watches and Sunglasses

GUCCI 2898 glasses

GUCCI 2898

GUCCI 1856 sunglasses

GUCCI 1856


Gucci 2215/S sunglasses

Gucci 2215/S


Gucci 3554/S sunglasses

Gucci 3554/S


Gucci 1013/S sunglasses

Gucci 1013/S


Gucci 1000/S sunglasses

Gucci 1000/S

Women Gucci Watches and Sunglasses

GUCCI 3140 sunglasses

GUCCI 3140


GUCCI 2772/S sunglasses

GUCCI 2772/S


GUCCI 1566/S sunglasses

GUCCI 1566/S


GUCCI 2820/F/S sunglasses

GUCCI 2820/F/S


Gucci 3522/F/S sunglasses

Gucci 3522/F/S

  GUCCI 2807/S sunglasses