Anne Hathaway looked perfect in Tom Ford’s dress at Premier

As we know that models and actresses never compromise at their dresses which they wear at red carpets. According to Catwalk Queen, In New York, at the premier of film “Les Miserables”, the lead star Anne Hathaway appeared on red carpet in an elegant black gown  and she was wearing bondage boots by Tom Ford and she looked amazingly stunning.Image

In short, Anne was representing Spring collection of 2013 by Tom Ford which includes gown and boots. To everyone’s surprise, Anne was not wearing any under garment and this has become the big news of media now. Whether it was an accident or not, but it gained a lot of attention. Other co-stars were also wearing stylish dresses. However, this film is getting lot of publicity because of its premiers and cast.

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Tom Ford is Beauty Brand of the week

As like other brands, Tom Ford always launch new cosmetic products for ladies to look beautiful and elegant. According to Look Magazine, it has been reported that Tom Ford has won the award of being the best brand of beauty this week. Although the cosmetics are quite expensive but all the colors and shades of products have worth and long lasting effects.Image

Nowadays, matching make-up is in trends so Tom Ford has put all the colors of lips, cheeks and nails in the matching formula. Tom Ford has brought all the shades of pink together for cosmetics. Check out Tom Ford glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Tom Ford superb suits in James Bond-SkyFall

As we know that nowadays everyone is suffering from James Bond new film “SkyFall”. This movie is now showing in cinemas all over the world with full houses. The hero of James Bond Daniel Craig has always been a style symbol. According to Complex Style, Designer of SkyFall, Jany has said that she has received remarkable appraisals for all the costumes of this movie especially Tom Ford’s suits.Image

She further added that she was afraid that Tom Ford will turn down her request but she got fantastic response from Tom Ford and his team. She found that every one is very hardworking and devoted to work including administration and tailors. Jany chose Tom Ford’s shirts for Daniel Craig to maintain the style and elegance of James Bond. The movie had a huge opening but still a lot more to come.

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Jessica said Justin looked stunning in Tom Ford’s suit

As everyone is talking about the wedding event of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel so here are the new updates for the readers. According to, Jessica Biel wore absolutely beautiful pink gown on her wedding day. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are on the cover of various magazines. Image

The newly married bride Jessica speaks about her dress that She surprised herself by choosing that pink gown for her. She admits that this kind of dress is only to be wear on wedding days. Furthermore, Jessica added that Justin was looking superbly good looking in Tom Ford’s suit.

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Tom Ford’s Bronzer is at top for this summer

For the year 2013, different make up products and items have been selected for upcoming summer. According to, the best anti-ageing, bronzer, eye cream, lipstick, cleanser, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and many other items were revealed. In each category of cosmetic products, a brand’s item was mentioned as the top cosmetic product.  Image

Many other brands were mentioned but according to experts Tom Ford’s Bronzer was called to be the best bronzer among all brands. It is the best compact powder, with a huge mirror and it is available at 130 $. Check out Tom Ford glasses online here at ISeeGlasses.

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Tom Ford tells the difference between “actor” and “star”

As we know that the most prominent celebrities of Hollywood attended Hollywood film awards on Monday Night with utmost excitement and enthusiasm. According to Los Angeles Times, it was reported that Tom Ford presented award of “Actor of the year” to Bradley Cooper because of his superb performance in “Silver lining’s PlayBook”. Image

Tom Ford, Renowned fashion stylist and director not only attended this mega event but he was also a presenter at the event and he said that the actor is different from the star. Other splendid personalities and celebrities were also the part of the Award function. Let us see superb collection of Tom Ford glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Ryan Murphy wants Tom Ford in Glee

Who does not know that Ryan Murphy is one of the famous screenwriter, producer and director of America. According to, Ryan Murphy has recently said that he wants Tom Ford to make cameo on the most famous comedy drama of United States, “Glee”. It seems that Ryan Murphy is quite impressed by Tom Ford because he wants Tom Ford to appear in his own show Glee.Image

Hopefully we will soon be seeing Tom Ford in Glee, either he will be appearing or he will be styling the star cast of Glee. Tom Ford is surely going a great way as Ryan Murphy wants to work with him. This is the best time for all the fans of Tom Ford to check Tom Ford glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Rihanna is spellbinding, says Tom Ford

One of the inspiring diva in the music industry is popular artist Rihanna. She is famous for her unique get ups in the song videos and other occasions. According to, it was revealed that Tom Ford has said that Rihanna is spellbinding. We have noticed that Rihanna wear Tom Ford’s costumes on various events and occasions.Image

Tom admired Rihanna by saying that she always makes his knees go weak. There is no doubt about that Rihanna takes risks for her looks. It should be remembered that in the year 2012 Rihanna represented spring,summer collections of Tom Ford. So it can be concluded that Rihanna and Tom Ford will remain close till years.

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