Jennifer Lawrence to represent Dior

As we know that the faces which represent the brands put great influence on the overall rating of that particular brand. Today here is relating news and according to, the renowned celebrity Jennifer Lawrence has been selected to represent the world’s famous brand “Dior”.Image

As we know huge amount of famous celebrities are already representing Dior products and addition of very beautiful and glamorous Jennifer Lawrence to this brand will definitely be very beneficial to both of them. As far as the choice of Jennifer Lawrence is concerned it has been noted that she was spotted to wear and use Dior products many times either hand bags or make up more than any other brand.

Nowadays reliable sources are reporting that other pretty actress like Charlize, Natalie and Mila, who are already representing Dior, are feeling insecure after this news. Jennifer Lawrence photos will soon be published on magazines with Dior products in upcoming days.

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