Dior’s Fashion Film Lady Dior is awesome

As we know that Fashion Houses involve in different activities to promote their items and products and same goes with the “Fashion Films”. According to Style Caster news, the year 2012 is going to be end soon and it was the another year of Fashion and Style. Many of the fashion films were released by renowned Fashion Houses and these films were admired greatly.Image

Out of all the films of this year, seven have been chosen as the Best Fashion Films. Christian Dior’s fashion film ‘Lady Dior’ is also included in seven best films of 2012. One of the lady of Dior, Marion Cotillard has worked in ‘Lady Dior’. Other than Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Top Shop, Mulberry and and Louis Vuitton  are the other brands whose fashion films were one of the best.

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Raf Simons’ first collection is greatly admired

As we know that Christian Dior is one of the fashion brands which is famous for being the most worn brand by celebrities on the red carpets. According to Female First, As Raf Simons has been selected as the Creator Director at Christian Dior this year. Former Creative director John Galliano worked hard to make all the dresses glamorous and beautiful as compared to other fashion houses.Image

Raf Simons is equally committed and dedicated to his work. Raf’s first collection for the Spring and Summer collection 2013 is being greatly admired by the public because Raf’s first ambition is to make “Christian Dior” as the public brand. All the dresses by Raf, can be worn in casual and formal locations. Check Dior glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Bollywood actress Madhuri wore Dior’s dress at Hello Awards

Did you know that fame and popularity of Christian Dior is not only limited to western countries but also in Eastern countries especially in the region of Asia. According to Bollywood news. the real diva and beautiful actress Madhuri Dixit was spotted to be wearing Dior’s dress at red carpet of Hello awards.Image

Madhuri again won the millions of hearts by looking extremely amazing at the event. She was wearing sleeveless black ball gown and she was carrying an elegant clutch to complete her looks. While talking Madhuri added that Dior is completely a glamorous brand to her. She won the award of Timeless beauty at Hello Awards event.

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Kristen Stewart appeared naked at ‘On the Road’ premiere

After release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, it is admitted that Twilight’s all the parts have climbed up all the peaks of success and glory. According to Styleite News, it has been reported that Kristen Stewart has appeared naked on red carpet. In New York, Kristen Stewart made appearance with a see-through frock, at the Premiere of On the Road. Image

Kristen was wearing a see-through frock and under that, there was a bikini and shorts. Kristen looked extremely daring in her dress. It should be remembered that Kristen has already looked naked in her gown in Twilight and in a naked jumpsuit too. Kristen Stewart’d dress belongs to Christian Dior’s Spring collection 2013.

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Dior’s Grand Bal Holiday Collection is best for Christmas

As we know that every fashion brand is trying to do something different on this Christmas for their fans and admirers. According to Vanity Fair News, For Christmas, Christian Dior has introduced Dior Grand Bal Holiday Collection which includes Dior Holiday Lip Palette, Dior Holiday Eye Palette, Golden tattoos, Dior manicure essentials set, Diorific Vernis, Rouge Diorific, Grand Bal Lashes and other skin care products.Image

Dior collection for Christmas 2012 seems to be the perfect for all the ladies out there who want to make their Christmas the best. Every product and item seem to be very promising and you will definitely love your looks because Dior is best at make-up products. Dior is basically the only trend setter of make up. You must check Dior glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Marion Cotillard to design for Dior’s bag

Did you know that Christian Dior loves to work with Marion Cotillard so much that they have given her opportunity to design for them. According to Vogue News, As Marion is representing Dior ladies bag and now there is an exciting news for all the lovers of Dior’s accessories that Marion is designing her own bag with collaboration of Dior. Image

As we have seen that mostly Marion wears Dior’s dresses on red carpets and other events. Marion understands it very well that what Christian Dior mean to her. She has been associated with Christian Dior from the past four years and now besides, modelling and representing them, it is really a great opportunity for her to design for Dior. It seems that Marion will be designer soon.

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Marion Cotillard has designed Dior ladies bag

There is no need to introduce Marion Cotillard especially when it’s about fashion brand Dior. According to The Malaysian Insider, Dior has been unveiling episodes of web documentary which is about Handbag collection for ladies by Dior which starring Marion Cotillard. Marion Cotillard was seen with her own designed hand bag in the last episode.Marion-Cotillard-Mikael-Jansson-Dior-1

As we know since 2008 Marion Cotillard is face of Lady Dior hand bags, so she has been starring in all episodes of web documentaries. Marion is absolutely proud to be associated by such a popular brand Dior and now she is inspired to create perfect designs for ladies bag. Like Marion, we appreciate Dior and collection of Dior prescription glasses at ISeeGlasses.

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Raf Simons will design for Chirstian Dior

Who does not know about the progress of Fashion Brand Christian Dior with its superb fame and popularity. It is a fact that designers play an important role to promote the brands. According to latest New York Mag issue, Jil Sander and Raf Simons were in the newspapers for a few weeks because of the  management of Dior silence.Image

In the end, LVMH management announced that Raf Simons will be designing for Dior. No one can deny that whenever Jil Sander or Raf Simons design for Dior, they will make everyone mesmerized by their collection. Whoever is designing for Christian Dior, all the collections are worth seeing. Check out Dior glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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Dior sunglasses will be displayed at Merrick Park Boutique

As we know fashion brands arrange different events to promote their products. According to Haute Living, it has been reported that on 29th of November, one of the best eyewear companies, Edward Beiner Purveyor will be open again in village of Merrick Park Boutique. The reopening ceremony will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm.Image

The most interesting thing about the event is that Dior’s new collection of sunglasses, prescription glasses and other glasses will be presented by Dior. Limited editions of precious and unique glasses from Dior will be there for sale too.

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Charilize appeared in two Ads for Dior

As we know that Charlize Theron is a very beautiful actress and model in South Africa, the good news for all the fans of Charlize is here. According to Glamour Beauty, the beauty of  South Africa Charlize has been appeared in two Dior commercial Ads. These commercials were made for J’adore fragrance. Image

The two Ads are quite different in nature but are very interesting. One Ad focuses on the interest of Charlize as she was looking pictures of most glamorous Grace and Marilyn. The second Ad can be best described as documentary of nature. No doubt, both Ads are more than fantastic. Check Dior glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

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