Has Robert really signed deal with Dior Homme?

As we came to know by some sources that Robert Pattinson has been chosen by Dior to represent their Dior Homme fragrance. According to some resources, It has not been confirmed that whether Robert has really signed the deal with Dior Homme or not. According to The New York Times, it has been revealed that Brad Pitt has posed for Dior Homme fragrance.

The stars of Hollywood, especially male stars are the first preference of all the fashion brands. The new rumors and gossips are that Robert has signed a 12 million $ deal with Dior Homme. It will be confirmed soon but till then its a rumor. Whether the new face of Dior is Brad Pitt or Robert, it means that Hollywood stars have dominated all the fashion brands like Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart.

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