Nude Kate Moss Again

Kate Moss has done it again, she posed nude for Versace ad. Dressed in just her own skin, covered in Versace purses, Kate looked into camera as if this is just job for her, nothing more.


With another famous nude Carla Bruni

With another famous nude Carla Bruni



Last ad for Versace

Last ad for Versace

She said she didn't like doing this

She said she didn’t like doing this

with daughter

with daughter

She has earned a reputation of posing nude for any type of fashion product whether it is jeans, a perfume, fashion brand or jewelry. In many ads the product she is advertising is not actually there, like David Yurman campaign. She is topless and all you can see is her nude self. The Yurman ring she is wearing is not even very noticeable.

Ever since her first Calvin Klein campaign, it appears that all advertisers want is her nude. No one cares for her face, eyes and body. Her childish looks add even more controversy to the ads she is doing and whatever she is advertising earns awareness overnight. She is paid well for this, now one of the richest people in Britain, she is estimated 47 million pounds. One million per nude shot.

In several interviews she confessed that posing nude is not comfortable for her. When she was just 16 she did her first topless shot and cried her eyes out for two weeks. She didn’t like working on Calvin Klein campaign because she actually had to touch the men model with her naked body. But whatever she is saying the last photo of her posing nude with her own 10 year old daughter means that not only she overcame her fears, she is proud of her job to the point that does not mind her daughter joins the ranks.

Now 39 she and brands are probably realizing that time is up as not too many people will find it sexy to look at 40+ year nude model. So Versace may even be the last.


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