Dior’s make-up Spring collection to be released

No one can deny the fact that Dior is unbeatable at Make-up and this fashion house keeps on presenting its new make-up items and products. According to Yahoo news, Dior is preparing to release its make-up collection for Spring 2013 and some photos have been released by Dior to give us some clues. The new collection will feature eye shadows in different colours like smoky black, grey, black and pink.Image

The make-up kits and holders have been designed very beautifully to put an addition to Dior’s make-up. Furthermore, Dior will also be releasing eye shadow in pencil form and these pencils will be having sponge at the end. The Spring collection will feature Lip Gloss of different colours. View and Buy Dior sunglasses at ISeeGlasses.

Here are cheap Dior sunglasses like Dior Hatutaa and it is available at just 207 $ for ladies in six elegant colours and numerous sizes. Dior sunglasses are perfectly designed for all the beautiful and stylish girls. Here is Dior GRANDBAL, it is available in three different colours and several sizes for ladies. Find out yours!!!


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