Tiffany and Co. has opened first store in Eastern Europe

No one can deny the fact that Tiffany and Co. is unbeatable when its about jewellery and Tiffany and Co. has made its reputation as the Iconic brand of America . According to The Prague Post, Tiffany and Co. has finally made its home in Eastern & Central Europe. Mr. Melvin, Vice-President for Europe, has said that the launch of first store will bring positive development for Tiffany and Co. Image

After a couple of years, Tiffany and Co. has finally decided to choose Prague for their first store in Eastern Europe. The store has been designed and created very amazingly. Finally the wait is over and the lovers of Tiffany and Co. will soon be having blue box with white ribbon with them. If you want to Buy Tiffany sunglasses then check out here at ISeeGlasses.

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