Gucci’s photo shoot campaign ‘Explore the digital flagship’

It is an admitted fact that whenever there is a photo shoot, there can be lots of blunders and mistakes in photos such as wrong editing and else. According to Jamaica Observer, there has been a big blunder in latest Gucci’s photo shoot in which one can easily identify that one leg of the model is half the size of other leg. Image

This photo shoot is the part of Gucci campaign which is known as ‘Explore the digital flagship’. This blunder is purely because of editing problem. No need to worry about it because these types of error usually happens. Anyway, Gucci sunglasses and Gucci glasses are purely out of errors. View Gucci glasses online at ISeeGlasses.

Buy Gucci glasses like Gucci 2809, which is available at 181 $ for ladies in three colours and several sizes. Gucci 2811 is a perfect Gucci glasses for ladies which is available at just 202 $ in three colours and numerous sizes. Go for it!!!

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