Countdown for Tiffany and Co. exhibition has begun

Did you know that Tiffany and Co. is going to celebrate its 175th anniversary and for that there is a big event just going to be start and it is just a day away. According to CPI Financial News, Tiffany and Co. is most popular because of being number one Jewellery brand. An exhibition will be held in Dubai from 13th December to 9th January, which will include collection of remarkable diamonds.Image

From collection, a historic 128.5 carat diamond will be mainly the centre of attention, it is known as the greatest icon of fashion house. The diamond is of yellow colour and it is now being put up in a beautiful necklace to increase the elegance. Tiffany and Co. are also best at their Tiffany sunglasses, check here at ISeeGlasses.

Buy Tiffany sunglasses like Tiffany TF3028, this beautiful design available in three colours and several sizes for ladies. Check out cheap Tiffany sunglasses like Tiffany TF4023, this perfect design is available at just 177 $, you can buy it in two colours and a number of sizes for ladies. Grab yours now!!!


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