Celebrating 66 Years of Bikini

No matter how model-like a ladies figure is, chances are she owns a few pairs of bikini. It is hard to believe that 66 years ago when bikini, aka separate bra and bottoms was first introduced, most of ladies took it as offence.

History of bikinis is quite interesting. Bikini as we know it was designed by Jacques Heim. It was first introduced in Paris in 1946. That model of swimsuit was called “atom” due its minimalistic design. Minimalistic by post-war measures. Bottoms were pretty high, covering the belly button and low enough to cover entire bum. French engineer Louis Réard decided to add more twist to novel design and in just two weeks came up with even smaller model, small enough to pass it through the wedding band. Luis had a hard time finding a model to present the invention on the run way. Only Micheline Bernardini, a stripper from the Casino de Paris, gladly agreed to wear it for the show. The show was a success among men, she instantly received several marriage proposals. It took some time for female population to come to terms with the new swimsuit, so liked by men.

The name “bikini” is also associated with the atom bomb that was tried by American forces at around that time near the Pacific island Bikini Atloll. It took some years for bikini to be adopted by general public and it hit the mass market only after 50ies when the Brigitte Bardot wore it in “Mainina, a Girl in the Bikini”.

Here is a small gallery of vintage bikinis. Do you think they are coming back?

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