Optyl for Dior

Dior Optyl Sunglasses

Optyl is a plastic material with special properties – it can be molded by hand to any shape when heated. This material was invented in 1966 and glasses were among first accessories to be made of it. In fact, optyl was invented in response to optical industry trying to solve a century old problem of making glasses comfortable to wear. Each face is different with it’s unique positioning of nose, ears and head shape. In 1960’s hand making glasses to fit individual face was no longer practical. It would be much more practical to make a pair of glasses from injection mold and then simply adjust them on the face of the beholder. Dior glasses are among the first to use this material and today, one of the only one. Optyl inventor Wilhelm Anger – is an Austrian scientist who was a founder or Carrera eywear brand. He took over Dior optical line and applied Optyl on Dior glasses. And look what came out of this (remember this is 60’s)!

Dior Optyl sunglasses

Dior optyl sunglasses


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