Gucci Commercial Collaborations

Gucci, a famous Italian brand, has been known for its famous GG logo and pattern for 80 years. Ever since the brand has been acquired by the world’s largest fashion corporation LVMH, company not expanded it’s product reach worldwide, but also expanded it’s reach by smart commercial collaborations. Who said that fashion is only clothing, shoes and purses? Gucci believes that fashion is also cars, mobile phones, sport accessories – everything a human touches every day. The idea has been widely in works by Ralph Lauren who has been successfully selling his interior design and home collection for years, and Georgio Armani who even designed hotels. Interestingly both men reached an iconic status for their namesake companies without art education – just pure business drive. Gucci is no exception. Gucci today hires creative directors who are expected not only to deliver seasonal collections for run way shows, but also be true marketing gurus and product managers to drive the brand to new levels. Frida Giannini, the Creative Director of Gucci, today drives a lot of this effort. I find Gucci to be very creative with the commercial collaborations and here is what I found.

Gucci equestrian line first made elusively for Charlotte Casiraghi , the Princess of Monaco and the granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly. This year collection is available for other horse lovers and princess acting as an advocate and a model.

Car collaborations have been on and off since 1970’s. First collaboration was with now defunct American Motors Corporation, where Gucci was responsible for interior design of AMC Hornet. 40 years later in 2011, Fiat has released 500 by Gucci model with both interior and exterior Gucci touches.

Gucci Fiat interior design.

The word’s oldest bike company, Italian Bianchi and Gucci have collaborated to produce a tourer, $14,000, and a single speed city bike, $6,200.

Bianchi bicycle comes with a set of accessories such as this Gucci helmet, gloves and water bottle.

Gucci Mobile Phone

24K Yellow Gold Plate Quad-Band G600 .


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